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Elastomeric Bearings

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Product - Natural Rubber/Neoprene Types

Natural Rubber / Neoprene® Types

CON-SERV Inc will supply elastomeric bearing pads to provide structural support in bridges as well as commercial and industrial buildings, petro-chemical and power plant applications. These parts, depending on the type of elastomer, provide uniform load transfer, accommodate thermal movement, allow for end-beam rotation and isolate components of the structure against vibration, noise and shock.
CON-SERV Inc designs and produces both AASHTO grade neoprene pads as well as AASHTO grade preformed fabric pads. These pads can also be supplied with filled Teflon® (PTFE) bonded to them for use as the lower element in a slide bearing which will provide for longitudinal movement as well as the rotation required.

Plain and shimmed bearings ...

Product - Preformed Fabric Reinforced Elastomeric

Preformed Fabric Reinforced Elastomeric

The following formula has proven successful in calculating the thickness of the preformed fabric pad to accept a given rotation.
This formula allows for the internal stresses built up in the pad upon rotation.

Thickness Required = (W x tan a) / C

    W = width of pad in rotation direction
    C = coefficient of friction

CON-SERV Inc recommends an 11 ga. plate be laminated every 2" in pads over 2" thick for strength and stability.

Product - Random Fiber Reinforced

Random Fiber Reinforced

These materials will substitute for neoprene in areas where vibration or heavier loads are present. The random fiber material is well-suited to concrete construction as a cost-saving alternative to neoprene or preformed fabric pads. These materials may be provided with holes, slots or surfaced with Teflon (PTFE).
CON-SLIDE™ Type RFR may also be used in conjuntion with a Type CSA or CSB assembly. Please consult CON-SERV Engineering Department.

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