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  • Type CHP (High Load)

    This bearing system utilizes the self-lubricating, low-friction characteristics of Teflon® coupled with the high tensile strength characteristics of synthetic fibers.
    The unique system employs a stainless steel upper element sliding on a CHP lower element. This two element concept has seen worldwide acceptance for major pipeline, bridge, building and industrial applications. The system will yield long life under high load applications. This system gives the designer high pressure allowable loads even at design temperatures of 500°F.
    The design engineer shall determine the square inches of bearing area required for the lower element by dividing the load by the allowable pressure from the graph. The upper element is sized for the movement after the lower element is sized for pressure. Size is out to out of back-up plate.
    For ease of installation, CON-SERV recommends a back-up plate 1" larger than the PTFE size to allow a 1/2" recess all around. This recess must be provided for plates requiring a seal weld.
    This bearing system has been tested in a long cycle friction apparatus. The coefficient of friction at 70°F for the load ranges indicated varies from 4% to 5%. This variation is due to the initial break-in period, not due to the variation in pressure.
    When friction was recorded at the design temperature limit of 500°F, it was 2-1/2% to 1-1/2% depending on the dwell time at 500°F. It is interesting to note that friction decreases with increases in either load or temperature.
    Certifications are available on this data upon request.