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CON-SERV Inc offers (3) basic pot bearing types: fixed, guided, and free-moving. In order to give the engineer typical dimensional data, the following criteria was adopted by CON-SERV Inc. as standard for the bearing detailed.
CON-SERV offers other types of designs; consult Engineering Department personnel for design assistance. CON-SERV can supply full friction and proof-load testing on all pot & disc bearing designs.

Standard Design Criteria:
  • Steel Type – A588 (Y.P. = 50 KSI)
  • Rotation Capacity - .02 radians
  • Maximum Pressure on Elastomer – 3500 psi for pots to 5000 psi for discs
  • Coefficient of friction - .03
  • Lateral Load Capacity – 10% of Vertical (unless noted otherwise) Load (Fixed and Guided) – Maximum for Standard Design
  • Movement ± 1” – Maximum for Standard Design

Unit of Measure


N/A Center Guided

Vertical Load (K)

N/A 900

I.D. Pot (in.)

N/A 18.25

A (in.)

N/A 20.75

B (in.)

N/A 2.38

C (in.)

N/A 3.12

D (in.)

N/A 6.88

E (in.)

N/A 22.75


N/A 11 GA Stainless Steel 3/16 in. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Thickness