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Item # CPB-700G (2), Guided Type

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This type of bearing, originally developed in Europe, utilizes a confined elastomeric principle which enables the product to receive higher pressures than a rotation-slide bearing backed by an unconfined elastomer. The confined elastomer shifts much like a viscous liquid upon rotation. The resistance to rotation is defined by a moment approximately equal to 4% of the inside diameter of the pot times the full load reaction. The bearing may rotate about any axis thus making the bearing effective for curved girders.

CON-SERV Inc. offers (3) basic pot hearing types: fixed, guided and free-moving. In order to give the engineer typical dimensional data, the following criteria was adopted by CON-SERV Inc. as standard for the bearings detailed.

1. CON-SERV Inc. offers other types of designs and the engineering department should be consulted for design assistance.
2. CON SERV Inc. can supply full friction and proof load testing on all pot bearing designs.

Size of top PL shown for 1" movement each way from center. Top plate size will vary accordingly for greater movements as well as its thickness.

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Steel Type

A588 (Y.P. 50 KSI)

Rotation Capacity (radians)


Maximum Pressure on Elastomer (psi)


Coefficient of Friction


Lateral Load Capacity

10% of Vertical Load

Movement (in.)


Vertical Load (K)


I.D. Pot (in.)


A (in.)


B (in.)


C (in.)


D (in.)


E (in.)


Weight (lbs.)

For a complete guide specification, please consult engineering department. All Pot Bearings can be designed and fabricated to meet the current AASHTO Code requirements.


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