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Insulated Hi-temperature, Lo-Friction Assemblies

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This bearing system enables the designer to enjoy the low friction of PTFE at a bearing point temperature above the use limit (500°F) of PTFE.
These bearings provide a coefficient of friction less than 3% at a design pressure of 2500 psi (max.) with little variation at lesser pressures.

The bearings can be installed with a stitch weld 1/2 inch long 3 inch on center on all sides. The upper and lower units must be backed up with structural plates so that a uniform load is transmitted into the unit. Bending of the units is unacceptable.

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Item #


Max. Use Temperature (°F)

Design Pressure (psi)

Coefficient of Friction


12CS 50MT 12SS Upper 800 2500 < 3% N/A
12CS 100MT 12SS Upper 1000 2500 < 3% N/A
06CHP 13CS 50L HT Lower 800 2500 < 3% 50L
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1 

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